Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grace's Birthday

Grace's 11th Birthday
Thanks to Alex for the Cake Inspiration!
It was a GREAT Day and a GREAT Cake!

Thanks to Gabe for smuggling in all the Kit Cat Bars and M&Ms!

An Underwater Camera was the Perfect Gift for our
Little Mermaid.

Can she stay 11 forever?

We borrowed the boat for a day at sea and only found the
 LION FISH below. 

Highly Poison to the Touch, but Pretty. 

Grace took this picture of the Lizard with it's ? fully inflated.
Our house is surrounded by hundreds of various types of lizards.
Harmless Lizards!

I never like getting up at 6am to walk, but when the view is this good, who could complain?

Monday, 4 June 2012

May 2012

"Long Island Regatta"  Wooden Boats all made here in the Bahamas come together each year for racing. It was very cool to watch!

Kenny's first visit to the Island just in time for Mother's Day!!!

Fishing for Grouper!!!

Spear Fishing is how most catch their fish here! Kenny loved it!

This is the part Mom does not like!!!  Cleaning the Fish! But it was a tasty catch!

This is one of two, Nice Resorts on the Island and they don't care if we come to swim here!!  Their beach and their flowers are just beautiful!
We loved having Kenny here for a few days!!!!

We ran out of water one afternoon, which is a real bummer.  We use rainwater and there was no hope of any rain in the forecast, but I tried to look at this beautiful sky and not get upset, even if we were a tad bit stinky for a couple of days!   
Grace loves these "ring tailed lizards"

My Husband, "the fruit nut" has made friends with anyone on the island with a fruit tree!
So, I am learning what to make with papaya and egg fruit [the little orange things] 

Here he comes again with MORE FRUIT!!!!!!
Love that Man!
And I must admit, they are the best bananas I have ever tasted!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

This thing is growing about 20 feet tall next to our house.  
Anybody have any idea what it is??? 
We call it the giant asparagus.

The bees and the hummingbirds like it...

The Easter Bunny found us on Long Island- 
We hope Grace found all of the eggs???

St. Joseph's Anglican Church in Salt Pond where we worshipped on Easter Sunday.  This was our shortest worship service yet!  Only one hour and forty-five minutes.  

Here are my beautiful Girls in their Easter best!  All and all a wonderful day to celebrate the amazing Love & Grace of God demonstrated to us through the resurrection of Jesus!  I am indeed grateful and certainly blessed. 


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Our Next Fishing Adventure!!!

Gabe with a couple of BYN student leaders at our leadership meeting & Bible study. 

Our next fishing venture was a little more exciting!!!  

We actually caught 3 of these!  Grace spotted them and Dad speared them.  

We make a pretty good team!  

With a little help from You-tube we figured out how to clean a warm water spiny lobster. 
The Bahamian name for this is "crawfish"  

Not all adventures have such a delicious ending, 
but we were certainly grateful for this special treat!  
Bring on the butter!!!  

Our First Saturday Fishing Excursion

Sunrise over the Atlantic 
(Yes, Gabe was up early enough to take this one)  

Jan has mastered the cast of line fishing
(Gabe hasn't, but don't mention it to him)  

The Net is ready for the BIG one.

Home School Field Trip, today's lesson "Crustaceans" 

Our MASSIVE Catch!!! 
He was tasty- all four bites!  

The Tidal Creek Fishing Hole

Our Private Beach after the fishing adventure.  
At least we caught a massive view.  

Thursday, 29 March 2012

What are you supposed to do here???

This is my favorite street sign here in The Bahamas, only I am not sure what it means.  Not only do we have to drive on the wrong side of the road, we also have to figure these things out.  Here are a few of my guesses:

"No cussing zone"  

"Quiet Please"  

"Watch out for profanity zone"  

"Don't get excited zone"  

"Slow your butt down or you are going to drive into the ocean zone" 

I'd love to hear your interpretations in the comments- (PG please, this is a family blog)  

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We are official bloggers now!

One of our first "free days" on the island to explore. The beaches here are a reminder of Gods gift of beauty for us! 

Clifford, the big red truck made its first overwater journey to join us on this adventure. Man, I am a "babe" when I get behind the wheel of this truck! Seriously...So glad to have it!   Thanks Rick & Becky!

Grace has found her batting "sweet spot" on a team with mostly boys!  She is doing great!
Can someone please tell me what kind of meat this is? Nothing has a label!  Turkey, Goat, Pork?  And what about a price?    What is the price per pound for goat?

Gabe read all the Swedish Instructions as he put together my new chair!   Works great!  I love Ikea!

Grace made a new friend!  Petting the wild Manatee at the Marina where it has been hanging out for the past three weeks. 

Yes, that is Gabe, speaking at his first Monthly Youth Gathering. About 100 kids from two high schools come for games, food and message. They also meet in smaller groups during the week for bible studies. We take most of them home on school buses. Kids here do not have cars. They won't let me drive the school bus?

This is a picture of the College of Bahamas Group that meets once a month in Nassau for bible study and fellowship. 
Gabe and Grace at the St.Andrews Kirk, in Nassau. Gabe preached about corn mazes and growing tomatoes, and yes there was scripture in it!
I was supposed to be home schooling one student! not two!

We try to take some time on Sunday afternoons to explore. This is a monument honoring the landing of Christopher Columbus on Long Island in 1492.