Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grace's Birthday

Grace's 11th Birthday
Thanks to Alex for the Cake Inspiration!
It was a GREAT Day and a GREAT Cake!

Thanks to Gabe for smuggling in all the Kit Cat Bars and M&Ms!

An Underwater Camera was the Perfect Gift for our
Little Mermaid.

Can she stay 11 forever?

We borrowed the boat for a day at sea and only found the
 LION FISH below. 

Highly Poison to the Touch, but Pretty. 

Grace took this picture of the Lizard with it's ? fully inflated.
Our house is surrounded by hundreds of various types of lizards.
Harmless Lizards!

I never like getting up at 6am to walk, but when the view is this good, who could complain?

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grace! Sounds like a birthday of a lifetime. We love you lots.